Finding the Next Treatments for Autism and Other Neurological Disorders

Our Company Develops the Next Generation of drug Efficacy Predictions for Autism and Other Neurological Disorders

Using a unique combination of several technologies, we created a novel, scalable, cost-effective platform for drug screening and discovery


Out of children under age 10 in the United States Is diagnosed with Autism


Out of the ASD Children are Treated, According to the NIH, With Medications from Repurposing

200 Years

Of Medical Science and Still the Only treatment Strategy Is Trial And Error and Retrospective Conclusions.

We have a way to screen and develop Personalized treatments for Autism With Predictions of clinical success

Our leadership

is a team of exceptional people with a rich and successful record in science, technology, entrepreneuring, and business management. Our R&D team comprises talented Ph.D. scientists with a multidisciplinary background, including in the fields of drug development, neuroscience, genetics, developmental biology, computer science, chemistry, and physics.

Business Focus

Over 95% of the pre-clinically developed drugs fail in the translation to the Clinic, causing billions of dollars in losses for pharma companies. 

Our Technology enables us to screen and develop new treatments for Autism and other neurological disorders with significantly higher success chances of being translated to the clinic.

Together with Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, we are currently validating our drug discovery platform using samples of 200 patients

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