Business Highlights

Itay&Beyond Develops a Drug Discovery Platform to Establish the Next Generation of Treatments for Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders.

These Compounds Will Be Going Through a Unique and Patented Estimation of Their Clinical Efficacy Using the Novel Technology that Underlies Our Drug Discovery Platform. The Most Promising Compounds Will Go On for Pre-Clinical Studies. 

Our Business Opportunities include Licensing, Co-Development, and Sells of Drugs Developed Up to pre-IND.

Company Profile


  • Established in 2021, Itay&Beyond is an Innovative Company that Develops a Drug Discovery Platform for the Treatment Neuropsychiatric Disorders.

Management Team

  • Itay&Beyond is Led by a Strong and Experienced Team of Professionals and Scientists with Expert Know-How and Experience in the BioTech Pharma Industries.

Technology Innovation

  • Itay&Beyond Delivers an Innovative, Salable and Cost-Effective Biologics Model Based on AI-Driven Predictive Analytics and Advanced Biotechnology Methods.


  • Together with Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, We are Currently Validating Our Drug Discovery Platform Using Samples from 200 Patients.

Intellectual Property

  • Itay&Beyond Holds Four Issued US patents with PCT Extensions.

Investment Opportunity

  • Our Drug Discovery Platform Has the Potential to Develop Treatments to a Wide Range of Previously Untreatable Neuropsychiatric Disorders.

Next milestones



Prototype Development of a Drug Efficacy Evaluation Platform



Technology Scale-Up
Compound Screening for New Targets



Systematic Screening and Development of New Treatments
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