Business Highlights

Itay&beyond develops a drug discovery platform to establish the next generation of treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Psychiatric and Neurological Dysfunctions.

These compounds will be going through a unique and patented estimation of their clinical efficacy using the novel technology that underlies our drug discovery platform. The most promising compounds will go on for pre-clinical study. 

Our business opportunities include licensing, co-development, and sells of drugs developed up to pre-IND


Company Profile


  • Established in 2021, Itay&Beyond is an innovative company that develops a drug discovery platform for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Management Team

  • Itay&Beyond is led by a strong and experienced team of professionals and scientists with expert know-how and experience in the biologics pharma industry.

Technology Innovation

  • Itay&Beyond delivers an innovative, scalable and cost-effective biologics model based on AI-driven predictive analytics and advanced biotechnology methods.


  • Together With Hadassah Hospital In Jerusalem, We Are Currently Validating Our Drug Discovery Platform Using Samples Of 200 Patients.

Intellectual Property

  • Itay&Beyond holds two issued US patents with PCT extensions. Additional patent applications are in process.

Investment Opportunity

  • Our biologics drug discovery platform has the potential to treat ASD in addition to a wide range of previously untreatable diseases.

Company Achievements

Next milestones



Prototype development Testing our first RNA-based drug for a defined sub-population of ASD



Technology scale-up
Compound screening for new targets



Systematic screening and development of new treatments for ASD
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