Our Leadership is Composed of a Combination of Experienced Drug Discovery and Drug Delivery Scientists, Top-Notch Technologists, and Serial and Successful High-Tech Entrepreneurs. Our Scientific Team is Comprised of Successful Ph.D. Graduates


Dr. Nisim Perets

Co-founder and CEO

Nisim Perets is an awarded scientist, with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Tel Aviv University, specializing in the fields of ASD and targeted drug delivery to neurological and psychiatric disorders. 

Nisim published several high-impact papers in these fields and two companies were founded based on his innovations and patents, including Nurexone Biologic where he also served as the VP of R&D.

Mr. Shmulik Bezalel

Co-founder and investor

Shmulik is a top-notch technology expert. He has a proven track record, as a co-founder and senior manager, including as CTO, in bringing complex technologies to the market.

He is also a serial high-tech entrepreneur and successful investor with an impressive investment track record in both biotech and pharma companies (e.g. Biond Biologics, BrainQ, & Biogen Cell.).

Mr. Boaz Goldman

Co-founder and investor

Boaz has over 20 years of experience and specialization in bringing early-stage startups to the market and driving companies growth. He served as co-founder, chairman, and board member in many successful companies and have impressive investment track record in high-tech and biotech companies. 


Advisory Board

Dr. Orit Shaked

Dr. Shaked served as the head of commercial operations at CytoReason, strategic advisor at Teva, and as the CEO at BioRap Technologies and UBT Medical. Currently, she is the commercial consultant for Yeda R&D and Technology Transfer at the Weizmann Institute.

Prof. Ariel Tenenbaum

Prof. Tenenbaum is the director of the Children’s Chronic Disease Department and the Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Evaluation Center at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital. He also serves as a faculty member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Frida Grynspan

Dr. Grynspan is the CEO of the Lonza Collaborative Innovation Center. During her career, she has fulfilled executive technology positions serving as VP R&D at Grynspan LTD, Stem Cell Medicine, Gamida Cell, Pluristem Therapeutics, and Collplant.

Dr. Ruth Tal-Singer

Dr. Singer has over 25 years of experience in R&D, including in different leadership roles at GSK, such as VP of Medical Innovation and VP of Clinical Discovery and Medicine Development. former President and CEO of the COPD Foundation, she is currently the CSO at Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform, and President of TalSi Translational Medicine Consulting.

Arie Kramer

Arie is the CEO of Takeda Pharmaceuticals. He is a seasoned executive with broad experience in the Israeli pharmaceutical arena, Bringing more than 20 years of various roles in multi-nationals big Pharma organizations and in the private market, including as GM and/or CFO in AbbVie and Novartis OCT.

scientific directors

Dr. Nir Waiskopf


Expert in Biophysics & Materials Science

Nir is an experienced technologist and awarded scientist. He has a multidisciplinary background which includes a BSc degree in physics and biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as a MSc (magna-cum-laude) and a PhD in chemistry and nanotechnology focusing on biomedical applications. He worked as a project manager in a pre-seed innovation, leading the R&D of quantum materials for biomedical and environmental applications.

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